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An Analysis of Instagram Sponsored Content in Pandemic Times
sponsored content instagram
The KendallxKylie Hashtag Reached Almost 14M of Euro in One Month
Milan Digital Fashion Week Ruled over Paris and London
Milan Digital Fashion Week
Digital Fashion Weeks. The Media Impact on Web and Social
digital fashion weeks
READ 28 JULY 2020
Haute Couture Gained Social Visibility thanks to Brands and Media
haute couture online
READ 22 JULY 2020
Paris Haute Couture Online. The Impact on Print, Web, and Social
Paris Haute Couture Online
READ 16 JULY 2020
Top Celebrities and Influencers for the Beauty industry
Top Beauty Celebrities and Influencers
READ 08 JULY 2020
The Social Media Evolution in the Beauty Industry
Beauty Industry Social Media
READ 29 JUNE 2020
How has Influencer Marketing Shifted Over the First Months of 2020?
influencer marketing
READ 23 JUNE 2020
Instagram Sponsored Posts during the recent Lockdown
Instagram Sponsored Post
READ 15 JUNE 2020
Naomi Campbell and the Success of her Livestreams on YouTube
Naomi Campbell No Filter With Naomi
READ 09 JUNE 2020
2020 Met Gala. What Happened on Web and Social Media
2020 Met Gala
READ 27 MAY 2020
The Virtual Met Gala. The Impact on Web and Social Media
Virtual Met Gala
READ 18 MAY 2020
What is the Future of Fashion Weeks? Some Food for Thought
future of fashion weeks
READ 12 MAY 2020
3 Case Studies on Social Media and the Covid-19 emergency
READ 28 APRIL 2020
The Covid-19 Effect on Luxury & Lifestyle Social Media
READ 23 APRIL 2020
Oscars 2020. An event valued almost 50M of euros on Social Media
Oscars 2020
READ 15 APRIL 2020
Brands, Celebrities & Influencers ruled FW20 Fashion Weeks
FW20 Fashion Weeks
READ 31 MARCH 2020
FW20 Fashion Weeks. The Media Impact on Print, Web, and Social
FW20 Fashion Weeks
READ 26 MARCH 2020
Social Media trends to watch over the next months
Social media trends
READ 25 MARCH 2020
FW20 Men's Fashion Weeks. The Impact on Print, Web, and Social
FW20 Men's Fashion Weeks
READ 19 MARCH 2020
Some key data from our media analysis of Pitti Uomo 97
Pitti Uomo 97 media impact
READ 18 MARCH 2020
Pitti Uomo 97. The Media Impact on Print, Web, and Social
Pitti Uomo 97 media impact
READ 12 MARCH 2020
Our 5 strategical keywords for the luxury markets in 2020
strategical keyword for 2020
READ 10 MARCH 2020
Greetings from DMR Group President, Enzo di Sarli
Enzo di Sarli DMR Group President
READ 10 MARCH 2020