An Analysis of Instagram Sponsored Content in Pandemic Times

sponsored content instagram

Last June, we released an analysis to understand the impact of Covid-19 on social media marketing. We monitored Instagram Sponsored Content from February to May, leveraging the DMR Group panel of more than 25K selected Social Accounts relevant for Fashion, Beauty, and Luxury. As results showed an unfavorable evolution of this marketing tactic over those months, we want to investigate if paid social content is returning to be crucial in brands' strategies. For this reason, we updated the analysis, monitoring what happened to IG Sponsored Content after the lockdown, from June to August.

As for the first report, in our analysis, you can discover how many Sponsored Content has been posted in the monitored period, learning how, month after month, the pandemic impacted not only on the quantity but also on their Engagement and Reach. You can also check the differences between the three regions (EMEA, Americas, and APAC) and three main sectors (Fashion, Beauty, Watches&Jewels). If you want to read all the details of our study, download your free copy by filling the form below.