15 JUNE 2020

Instagram Sponsored Posts during the recent Lockdown

Instagram Sponsored Post

Covid-19 health emergency pushed companies to completely re-think their marketing and communication strategies. With closed stores, canceled events, and consumers stuck at home, brands had to calibrate efforts to optimize resources, more than ever. One of the tools starting suffering soon, due to its logic, has been the influencer marketing. On one side, brands have focused their attention on keeping a constant relationship with their customers. On the other, digital creators have been forced to update their content, not having the chance to show new outfits for special occasions or share amazing travels with their communities. To understand the impact of the outbreak on this marketing tool, we analyzed Instagram Sponsored Posts, from February to May, monitoring DMR Group panel, which includes more than 25K selected Social Accounts, relevant for Fashion, Luxury, Cosmetics, and Lifestyle.

In our analysis, you can discover how many Instagram Sponsored Posts have been released over the last four months, watching how, month after month, precautional measures impacted not only on the quantity but also on their Engagement and Reach. You can also take a look at the differences between the three regions (EMEA, Americas, and APAC) and three main sectors (Fashion, Beauty, Watches&Jewels). If you want to discover all the details of our study, download your free copy by filling the form below.